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Greensene Environmental Solultions was created by Tim Dawson and Chris Landy who had a vision to bring horticulture and arboriculture together to provide an all-round package of services.

Both Tim and Chris share the vision of creating healthy environmental solutions for your backyard, home, office place of business or even your holiday home.

By providing a wealth of creativity for your venue they can brighten up, dramatically change, maintain or even offer tree surgery services and alternatives for any environment. The right trees and plants are extremely important in creating an environment that is aesthetically pleasing, emotive and fresh. Nothing adds more enjoyment (and value) to your home or office than a garden.






Tim studied Horticulture in Melbourne and has extensive landscaping experience both locally in Melbourne, and internationally. He has many years of experience behind him and has a complex understanding of horticultural needs and requirements that contribute to a healthier environment both indoors and outdoors. He has worked in inner City London, and also for a natural swimming pool company in England. He brings a wealth of experience for a variety of indoor and outdoor landscaping commercial properties, garden maintenance and plant selection.


Chris has a Bachelor of Business, Tourism, Enterprise, Management but has chosen to pursue a career in Arboriculture. He studied Arboriculture at the Burnley campus of Melbourne University. He studied whilst working for a large Tree Surgery company. His expertise in tree services ranges from formative pruning to tree removal. He has experience in report writing and consultancy services. Additionally he has a comprehensive knowledge of tree identification and specifications. For environmentally sound tree services contact us.


For all your horticultural and arboricultural advice and services feel free to contact Tim and Chris from Greenscene Environmental Solutions.









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